Now let us take a look at the complete feature list in depth:

* Featured entries with ajax tabs
* jQuery to control homepage and sidebar widgets on the fly!
* Solid configuration file to setup your news theme in minutes
* AJAX tabs display hottest topics on your blog
* Advertisement Spots
* FeedBurner subscription built-in
* Comfy is widget-ready!
* Dynamic sidebar widgets: specific widgets are shown based on the viewed page. For example if your visitors are viewing a single post, they can see additional widgets on the sidebar containing post details, views, ratings, print option. Similarly, when you view a single category, you will see category-specific ajax tabs containing hottest topics for that specific category.
* Users can rate, or print posts / pages
* Custom 404, archives templates
* Featured video spot on sidebar
* Theme is split into multiple widget files, and html templates for easiest edition
* Gravatars support is built in.
* Comfy theme is compatible with WordPress 2.7
* Finally..A lot of updates are waiting for this theme, so stay tuned!



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