wordpress 2.3.1 rc1 发布

wp更新的速度块可以用发疯来形容了。从那会说12月份发布2.3直接提前到上个月,现在紧接着更新不断,这个版本是一个主要的bug fixed的版本,不过貌似2.3.1很快就要出来,肯定会出一些小东西吧。


WordPress 2.3.1 is almost ready to go. Before we send it out the door, we’re making a release candidate available so everyone can give it a last look.

2.3.1 fixes over twenty bugs. Some of the notable fixes are:

  • Tagging support for Windows Live Writer
  • A login bug that affected those with a Blog Address different than
    their WordPress Address is fixed
  • Faster taxonomy database queries, especially tag intersection queries
  • Link importer fixes

More details will be provided in the final release announcement. Until then, download RC1 and let us know if it fixes a particular bug in 2.3 that was annoying you. If you find that something has broken since 2.3, please open a ticket so we can address the problem before the final 2.3.1 release.



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