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今天发现一款不错的插件 Different Posts Per Page, 可以对首页、分类页、搜索页等,分别设置每页显示的文章数。例如我不想让首页拉得太长,可以把 home 设置为每页显示 3 篇文章,那么在搜索页为了便于快速查找需要的文章,设置为每页显示 10 条信息。以前则只能在 Reading Options 里设置整个 blog 每页显示文章数。

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While using wordpress you might have this question in your mind: “How can I set different number of posts in category page and different in home page?”

Unfortunately, in wordpress there’s no way you can set different number of posts for home page, category page or archive page.

All you can set is a default value for every page in wordpress:

If you want to have different numbers of posts in other pages then use “Different Posts Per Page” plugin.

Here is how it looks:

By using “Different Posts Per Page” plugin, you can manually set custom number of posts for any wordpress page in your blog.


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