66 Successful Bloggers and What they can teach you


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At the bottom of this post I will tell you how I came up with this list and the order.

Here's the list. 

 1. Seth Godin –   will teach you what kinds of blogs there are.

 2. Bob Cragill –  will teach you the value of blogging.

 3. Julie Woods –  will teach you why companies should monitor blogs

 4. John Kindle –  will teach you how to get great blogging results

 5. Tom Vander Well –  will answer the question – "How many readers do you need for success?"

 6. Large John Brock –  will tell you the importance of writing well

 7. Dave Taylor –  will teach you about successful business blogging

 8. John Foster –  will teach you about the need for common sense when blogging

 9. Joseph Thornley –  will teach you about introducing social media to an organization

10. Robert French –  will teach you about social media

11. Jim Foster –  will teach you about using blogs for sales research

12. Luis Suarez –   will teach you about knowledge management

13. J.D. Iles –  will teach you about blogging for local businesses

14. Dan Smith –  will teach you about internal blogs helping teams to communicate

15. Dan Janal –  will teach you about blogs and public relations

16. Phil Gerbyshak –  will teach you about building great business relationships through blogging

17. Becky McCarty –  will teach you about positioning yourself as an expert

18. Robert Rosenthal –  will teach you about blogging for business relationship quality

19. Ron McDaniel –  will teach you about creating buzz with your blog

20. David Meerman Scott –  will teach you marketing with content

21. Christopher Salazar –  will teach you about blogging interns

22. Philip Hartman –  will teach you about advancing your career through blogging

23. Michael W. McLaughlin –  will teach you about book blogs.

24. David Markovitz – will teach you about using a blog as a web portal

25. Debbie Weil – will teach you about top executive blogging.

26. Paul Chaney –  will teach you why real estate agents have an advantage if they blog

27. Kevin O'Keefe –  will teach you about word of mouth advertising on the Internet.

28. Rick Short –  will teach you about blogging with the big picture in mind

29. Mark White –  will teach you what to think when planning your blog

30. Richard Boyd –  will teach you to not blunder when you blog

31. Meryl K. Evans –  will give tips for great content and a winning blog

32. Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff, PsyD –  will teach you common mistake professional bloggers make

33. Michele Corey –  will teach you about strategic blogging

34. Robyn Tippins – will teach you the habits of effective bloggers

35. Tamera Kremer –  will teach you how to come up with content

36. Steve Remington –  will tell you if your blog stinks or not

37. Dennis McDonald –  will tell you how to be skeptical, analytical and move quickly

38. Chris Garret –  will tell you how hard you have to work and how dedicated you must be

39. Reg Adkins –  will teach you how to get bigger advertising profits

40. Jeremy Bloom –  will teach you how blogs add to sales at ecommerce sites

41. Tom Antion –  will teach you about adding a shopping cart for your blog.

42. Brian Clark – will teach you how to create and sell information products from your blog

43. Paul Short –  will teach you about blog networks.

44. Bill Belew –  will teach you about blogging for a blog network.

45. Bruce Allen –  will teach you about passion, persistence and profit

46. Stephen Turcotte –  will teach you how to be a conversationalist

47. Guy Kawasaki – will teach you how to evangelize/popularize your blog

48. Aaron Wall –  will teach you key linking and keyword strategies

49. Yaro Starak –  will teach you the key to building blog traffic

50. Phil Hollows – will teach you how to give your readers options for interfacing

51. Bill Flitter –  will teach you about RSS feeds

52. Easton Ellsworth –  will teach you how to track your blog statistics

53. Mike Sansone –  will teach you about tracking and optimizing feeds.

54. Fred Minnick –  will teach you about niche blogging

55. Brett Trout –  will teach you about intellectual property and blogging

56. Pierre Noel – will teach you about security issues related to your blog

57. Mike Wagner –  will teach you how blogging reveals your essence

58. Delaney J. Kirk, PhD –  will teach you how to create community through blogging

59. Bruce Schneier – will teach you about having fun on your blog

60. Jeff Wourio and Craig Kasnoff – will teach you about passion, profit and MYYAWP.

61. John Cass – will teach you about the return on investment in your blogging

62. Jim Curtin –  will teach you to NOT wait for you ROI

63. Mikal Belicove –  will teach you about ghost blogging but NOT who he does it for.

64. Shel Israel –  will give you a hint of the future of blogging

65. Scott Allen –  will teach you the future of social software

66. Jeremiah OwYang –  is a prophet like the Jeremiah of old….

 Ted Demopoulos owns a consulting firm, Demopoulos Associates. He has advised IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and Cisco, among a bus load of others.

 The list is his and Kaplan Publishing's and comes from his new book – What  No One EVER Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting.   To read about all of the above…buy the book

 The order above is the order of appearance in Ted's book.

 Full disclosure – I get NOTHING from the sales of Ted's book.

 The reader gets a LOT.

 One more thing….

 Do you think your blog belongs on the list of successful blogs? 

If so, send me a link and tell me why. 

Hint, your explanation of why carries more weight than just a link that sends me wading through your blog to find something to read. I am much more likely to look to see if your why matches your what.



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